Tuesday, July 26, 2005

point well taken boss

Its been that kind of sem. classes been going on and over the tiem i am having doubts over doing a course in management . now we even have a class called business ethics, it would be interestign to do a study on how many fo the ceo's and other decision makers have done a course in ethics and above all whether it would make any difference ot them. as far as i see it all decision making comes from a set of moral principles that is instileld in you. now if taht is all screwed up , make christ take classes and it would make no difference unless the person concerned wants to make a positive change.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

fuck the left

where is the renowned left in India? The left as the communists would like to call themselves are probably the most hypocritical bastards that ever were there on planet earth. Maybe thats the whole idea, then they are doing a very good job of it. We may all like to think that a red world has ceased to exist and the idea killed itself with the collapse of the russian federation. But I think that the idea has becoem far stronger through far sublter ideas. Think of it, the ideas doing the rounds in various forums around the world: brotherhood to be found in religion? the govt as caretaker? differential taxes so that equitable distribution of wealth takes place? govt's with a social face? govt s playing 'mai-baap' to the populace? All these ideas are essentially different facets of the communist idea of 'sharing'. Creativity be damned, everything needs to be shared. The whole deal of team play comes to existense from this concept. Team, balls , the greatest discoveries have happened at the individual level. A team essentially serves to decrease your effficiecny in as much that most of the you spend thinking about possible reations to your positions.
You would actually think that relgion would be anit-communist. Hello! you are mistaken, religion does not need the sage who realizes god and then questions the methods that are advocated. Bad press for the vaticans etc of the world. You want unsuspecting public who would give up their rational thinking process to be part of something big. ( Like dogs got convinced to be our pets by our ancestors :) ).

i cant think of anything to criticize

What the fuck, so I will praise one of the most remarkable persons that I have ever met. Prof Ramkumar, Services marketing. The man is pure enthu, think of this-he takes 7.5 hrs of classes spanning 10 hrs and then lands up at the hostel football court. Snake charmer, chemist, traveller, academic, father, husband, crusader, teacher and probably many other things too. True, I really dont like his teaching style that much because for slow thinkers like me the class does not provide an opportunity to get to the bottom of any sort of thought process. But the enthusiasm of the guy is difficult to beat. I still cant figure out how a person can have such an amazing eye for details after a long gruelling day.

It would be interested if somebody decided to monitor our thought processes while we are in class. Are our thoughts influenced by what we hear? how much of our thought process actually changes over a period of time? does teaching have any sort of effect on what actions that you take or is the action determined by what you essentially believe in.

I have always thought that when the final question of decision making comes humans will alwayls decide on the basis of their core values. Since the core values are dependent on the environment ( as a function of upbringing), acceptable social positions actually become the dominant values in a populace. That is the reason that many of the fanatical movements have spread in the modern world. ( The debate still rages on, are we truly modern?).

Maybe our generation is in built with an enormous amount of cynicism ( I am a self-proclaimed cynic by the way) or we simply do not understand what the dynamics of the game are. The guy goes on about bringing passion into your life and defining your life to that one thing and here we are shaking our heads. You never need to agree, but each thought needs careful consideration. The hilarious part is that the same group of people when put under a similar situation will come up with the same ideas and think that they have done a remarkable job out of it. But maybe thats how its supposed to be.

As the co-creator of this blog sez : " you cant beat destiny mate"
I dont disagree. :)