Friday, January 16, 2009

India Slowdown: Brace Yourself

Tax collections are down for 3 q (as expected), govt will be short of funds. They should resort to printing currency. How are we going to fund the next election (a few thousand crores at least) ? Parties representatives want an RBI bailout. Long painful period ahead. Actually we dont have too much data about what is going on actually - lets assume we grew at 10+%, we will get some data which will neither be timely nor accurate.

"It is a demand driven programme. They cannot reduce the funds in this. Poor people are getting work, food with this scheme and he will not starve." Raguvansh Pratap Singh

Very concerned about poor people not starving arent we?

In other news the $2 billion Mukesh bhai home does nt seem to be galloping around either and the website about the world s coolest job crashed. I say its all this wannabe people who are spoiling it. Rajni is arranging a bailout, not to worry.

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