Saturday, June 04, 2005

the similarity between organizations and stock markets

almost at the end of my summer training and i begin to wonder " what the fuck i am i doing here?, this is chaos man...". but on second thoughts ... is it actually? from what i gather most of the organizations seem to be very haphhazard in their operations. this is the same irrespective of which vertical the organization belongs to or what model of the organaniation exists. disgruntled employees, no proper sytems, apathy towards trainees, politics, fire-fighting, deadline bound work ... seems to be everywhere. this is the all due to competition etc....
that si what appears tothe naked eye, but just as the stock market prices the stocks wiht respect to some long term 'image' ofthe company so do these companies findtheri niche for the long run. the volatility of the stock market represents the churning thathappens at the corporate. but over and above it only ensures that the best only survive. it means that the compnaies which cannot stand this kind of fluctuatiosn will not survive.
need a perspective onthis, 1 am is definitely not the time :D

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