Friday, August 05, 2005


Today was the end term examination in strategy where we were supposed to analyze HBR cases using conceptual framework in a clear concise format. I really dont know what the entire purpose of analyzing HBR cases is. For one the teaching notes that are provided along with the cases always seem to be so out of sync with reality. HBR really does not inspire any associations in the indian management student i think. we just use the cases coz we are very lazy to wrtie something on our own. We all got to know what Schaefer did with Caterpillar but what the fuck is that supposed to mean? Indian cases have not been written is a point that i can understand , but for how long? Management education has been in India for close ot 50 yrs and with all the famed IIM's has it been so difficult to churn out 200-250 cases? All the cases of Indian companies are also written by HBR. The only other entrant seems to ICFAI business school which has put in some decent work.

For a course such as strategy it is imperative that practical experience be made compulsory. Most of the students in India come in with little of management experience, so directly starting on strategy is not the best thing to do in such a scenario.

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