Monday, April 07, 2008

End of learning?

Is collective intelligence better than individual intelligence. There is no question, this is the age of the group. You learn in a group in college, work in a group in b-school, work in a team in office, share and maintain contact through collective platforms what the hell, you even party in a group. Group success or failure is determined by the need to find a common cause.

Traditional fields such as science economics or even design for that matter are under the onslaught of the need to work under groups. The basic premise being that group dynamics would ensure that the output dynamics are controlled. Fields such as science have always been collaborative, all the great scientists of a time speak to each other and share problems and solutions.

What if groups are only mode of thinking left? Outrageous not exactly-when was the last time you referred to a textbook or journal? What we regularly do is to rely (veracity is not the point of discussion ) on information that is widely available. Lot of people are putting the time for you to access that information, but the question is can the world wide web (meaning users) can ever use their collective intelligence to work on problems at the forefront- aids, sustainable development, understanding the universe et all?

Or will these problems always remain the purview of the lone warriors?


Pathik said...

I suggest you read about the Omega Point ( and the works of Pierre Tielhard de Chadrin and Sri Aurobindo) on the topic of collective intelligence.

basic ref:

Pathik said...

more here:

and basic comparison with Sri Aurobindo's independently developed ideas: