Wednesday, December 24, 2008

25 th Anniversary of the Cell Phone

Caught an arbit piece of news while browsing CNET (yes, after a long time), it was the 25th anniversary of the cell phone. The steps that we have taken in this technology is mind boggling. From the clunky phone to the uber-cool iphone to possibly the ultimate touch screen net book you could ever possibly see.

I guess we in India would have to wait till we describe the 25 yr (1995 is the year that it made an appearance in India I think) happens, but where we were late we have caught up and possibly in some applications and the cost to the end user gone ahead of most of the other markets.

Should the advance in telecommunication be seen as purely economic ( critical mass production afford-ability end use) cycle or should it be seen as an advancement in science? As wireless usage through phones pick up, seamless connectivity across the world could be the key.

Security, global access should be the key drivers.

Unified telecom anyone?

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