Wednesday, November 23, 2005


its sad that ganguly has not understood that his time under the sun is over. It would have been brilliant fo him just to majestically hand over the baton to dravid and leave. but then the indian selectors ( with a lil bit of help from chappell) of course have sent him home. but the test recall is maybe a last dance for him or more likely will be another embarassment for him. this is what is really unfortunate, he has led india commendably and the fact that poeple even consider india as a force ( in spite of our inconcsisitent performacnes) is due to him. But then true leaders know when to leave. Even if Ganguly manages to do well in the series, he will always be sorted out on the bouncier pitches and his presence would only make the job of Dravid all the more difficult. Leadership transition? you bet. But at what cost? a nation bereft of any sporting glory looks only at cricket for salvation. Ego clashes are the last things you need in such a scenario.
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