Sunday, August 27, 2006


Its been a long three months since I last made a post. Basically no access from office and I am too lazy to do it from any other place. What has been up with me? I have let Mumbai get into me more and more in spite of living a semi campus kinda existence. Used to live for a long time with kishore for about 3 weeks still I found a place close to my office. About 15 min s walk from my office ( which itself is beside one of the best malls in Mumbai In orbit ). My job ( funny I am thinking whether they would do a blog search sometime) is at a KPO basically taking advantage of time zones and the pay difference. Time with kishore went of pretty fast till he moved on to the US about 4 weeks ago( hmmmm july 31st, life moves on fast I guess).

Office is a series of cubicles with enough space for 2 people and divided over 2 floors. I used to wrok on the chill floor ( no boss) till I had no work and now since I am full time into work I don’t bother where I would sit. The times have been very interesting, have met a lot of great people during the last 2 months and some may last till a long time. I still keep up the conversations’ with all the junta from campus ( err… not all I guess), but that would decrease now I guess. My personal life hehehe that would go for a toss soon I guess. Things change. I just don’t get it why it should change most of the times. Well, maybe I am not in with the crowd I guess.

Now for the first time, I am actually working and I am forced to take a look at things around me. So from now on I have decided that my blog would also contain stuff that I think about but never find the time to think through. Lets see how many days I manage to keep up the enthu.

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