Thursday, May 25, 2006

ze trip

spent the last 1 week in chennai/blore.

My age old impression of chennai changed a little bit for the better

this time around. The people are coming in, the public transport is

decent and the people err. the mass rules. The centre for reservation

exists in chennai ( it was the first state to have pro reservation

demonstrations :D) and it seems the movement will only get stronger.

God save the king. I have always thought of chennai as the land of

dichotomy. On one hand you have hte leading political parties going

gung ho about atheism etc and on the other hand you have a spectacular

pouring of faith every morning. But its mostly the women that i have

observed, thats one thing across TN you find hardworking women and

loitering men. The men have things like politics, booze and caste to

discuss, while the mortal women are left to think of issues like

rearing up children etc. Caste is very clearly in, and people from

marginal voting castes will soon be out of tamilnadu unless htey are

extremely rich, extremely brilliant or both. The first withering state?

not yet, the institutions that the meritorious built are doing fine and

will do so for another 10 yrs and then the chaos would begin.

Me and sud spent the first day at prusty's watching champions league (

after his bro in law took us out for dinner on his bday), the second

night me ash and sud were at jeeths place after a night at ranjeeth,

and then the next day me spent at venkat's after he decided he dint

want ot travel to chennai ( our man if off ot spore ). After returning

from blore, i stayed for one more day for an intvw at Irevna( more on


Chennai has srue changed ( i stopped noticing i think). I went ot

Tiruverikadu, the buzz is gone from the place. The sellers of religion

are there and so is the goddess, but i dint feel anything

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