Thursday, February 15, 2007

Administrative Reforms Commisson(ARC)

Chaired: Verappan Moily


Disqualifications: MLA's MPs can be disqualified on defection. Extension to party level, where the parties will have to seek fresh mandate.

Bureaucracy: Article 311 ( no dismissal without enquiry for civil servants-apparently a legacy of the montague chemsford reforms of 1919 that removes accountability as no is suspended on enquiry) to be scrapped

Judiciary: Establishment of national judicial council to oversee appointment and removal of judges.

Cool aint it, but as usual good probability that it will be widely discussed ( CNN-IBN-15 min panel discussion amidst an interview of sherawat and the fashion show of tahliani) and then get canned.

C'mon, we are a democracy.

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