Saturday, February 24, 2007

Movie Review: Ghost Rider

Cast: Nicholas Cage

Director: Mark Steven Johnson

Plot: Legend has it the devil makes deals with people in exchange for the souls. The people who make the deals become ghost riders whose job is to collect souls for the devils.

Johny Blaze and his father are stunt drivers. Once his father is diagnosed with cancer Johny makes a pact with the devil for his fathers life. The devil cures his father temporarily and then kills him. Now johny is playing the game of death waiting for the devil to appear for what is his. He cannot love, tho’ the amazing Eva Mendes is waiting for him (both young and old).

The whole thing is compounded by Black Heart who is the devils estranged son who is after a contract which will give a lot of souls to the holder. One of the riders had turned his back on the devil and left with the contract and Johny must get it back to save humanity. Add our man johny becomes a burning skeleton (there is fire within you types) who can claim the soul of evil does by looking into their eyes and showing them the pain of those killed.

The end is sequel baiting. Johny kills black heart, gets the babe and then tells the devil he will claim the souls of all evil doers.

Cant believe that the yanks call this a cartoon, and whatever is this will devil soul heaven bullshit? The bikes are stunningly cool and there is a lot of eye to details (whatever is the shadow of devil). You an actually watch the movie just for eva mendes too I guess. The movie is so fuckin brainless that you could laugh at the stupidity of the whole of it. It actually becomes a laugh riot that way.

Rating: 4/10

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