Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Accountability Conundrum- India Cricket

Have read so much about cricket these days that I feel like a comment is due from my side. Funny that I mention reading so much, if its a sport-shouldnt it just be watched and forgotten? Not quite apparently, cricket is more than a sport in India a religion, and what the cricketers do will shape the future destiny of Indian nation. Its only because India lost that Rakhi has painted herself, the stock markets are not performing, the ads and sales have gone down, people farted more.....I thought only the ISI was responsible for such things (ya even for Rakhi, so that the moral fabric or lack of it is destroyed, in fact she is a spy). Anyway without India and Pakistan, somehow its not quite cricket.

But the essential argument is this, as group since these individuals represent the country they have to provide a better face. They have to try harder, take whatever is paid to them and always win. C'mon it does not happen that way. If you want to hold them accountable, will the collective nation ban watching the matches? Companies get a time to perform and after that if there is repeated failure, the shares are shown the boot by the market. Will the real Indian cricket watcher please stand up? I am sure all he wants is entertainment and its like watching a soap opera for him :)
The direct arguments against criticism's are simple:
1) The result is the measure of entire process: the domestic leagues (salaries and facilities), the selectors and selection process, of team and the coach.
2) Isn't it probable that it was your best performance? C'mon we managed 158/9 against 2 attacks SL and B'desh with a strong batting line up? Simply put we are not good enough.
3) Touted as world beaters: This is a good one. When you go out to bargain is there one idiot who would pay the first price quoted in Fashion Street or Burma Bazaar? Nah... you would look at the quality, the statistics and make your own choice.
Now the indirect one's:
1) Aussies win, because they are trained to win from a young age. It matters a lot. They are aggressive and are not even liked by people, but they are professional and win. Accountability is an national sporting obsession.
2) Where is our national accountability? Quite far fetched, but isn't each individual supposed to represent the nation? Someone not paying taxes is also not accountable. Its only collective conscious. The wastage of time (including this piece) is finally just that, a wastage of time. Public memory is short and on the next success we shall be world beaters.
3) Ad money: The chances of an average guy getting to a national team is very less. For a 10 year career he has weathered innumerable odds. He should be able to cash out. Again if someone thinks this is wrong, I would suggest they join unpaid social service jobs.
4) Betting: I for one believe that betting needs to be legalised. Sooner or later people are taking educated bets on half the things in their life. The nexus can only be uncovered if the total net positions can be pinned down to people.
We want our country to win, does not mean that they will win. You should question the result to put a better system in place. No more, no less.
And ya, ask Chappell to shut up.

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