Saturday, March 03, 2007

Movie Review: Nishabd

Cast: Amitabh, Jiah Khan, Revathi, Naser

Direction: RGV

A non-factory production from the factory after a long time, RGV experiments away form his pet underworld theme this time and the result though spectacular at times, meanders without any possible conclusions.

The plot is simple, a sixty year old falls for the 18 yr old friend of his daughter. The passion of youth rekindles the ‘young’ heart in the old man and brings out all his dormant aspects, to make him want to sing, to make him laugh to make him want to live a few more days. He takes the responsibility, the fall and the asks the girls to leave, while the memory of her would linger in his now empty life, she took what was there before and after she came into his life….

You think, nice…given the sultry Jiah, God Amitabh and a good supporting cast the quality of the movie must be a no-brainer right? Unfortunately, we are wrong. What we have instead is the dull imagination of a director who is trying to get his old charm back. This is far away from Rangeela or Satya (or the directors famous telugu movies), though some indications of his genius shine across. Vijay (Amitabh) taking the right amount of time to say he loves his wife (and the no complaints marriage), jiah saying ‘I love your dad’ and ‘protect your husband’ and above all ‘what are looking through the lens ….there is no color and no life in what you are looking at’, Amitabh willing to give Jiah up because he is not good enough for her……not good enough for a 2 hr movie. Well the colors are brilliantly chosen by Roy (award for him?)

What the movie needs was a little bit more imagination, maybe the perspective from the girl’s side? There is no depth in the love, the camera work (even though spectacular to say the least) leaves no doubts regarding the ever present sexual tension (contrary to interviews …that’s a joke) and pathetic dialogues above all. The dialogues in the final analysis kill the movie, sounding like a b-grade flick. Sometimes you think its actually soft porn. Any ways someone get me a date with Jiah- she looks ravishing and acts surprisingly well. The character is totally hers to enact and she does well. The edgy, damn care attitude would be perfect, but c’mon man…she is half naked all the time (and gets vulgar postures sometimes…that from me is quite something---immature handling simply put.) Amitabh is exceptional in a difficult role. The supporting cast ..for once supports, including Arya as the daughter who finds her dad falling for her friend. A little bit more thought perhaps, and it would have been one hell of a movie.

Rating: 6/10 …if not for anything for the camera work and the songs not being in the movie is a big disappointment.

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