Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ocean's Thirteen

Cast: Clooney(Ocean,Rusty(Pitt),Linus(Damaon), Banks(Pacino), Andy Garcia(Benedict)-other mentions Don Cheadle (Basher) and Casey Affleck-Virgil
Direction: Steven Soderberg
Pure entertainment!!

From the time Pitt leaves his team of robbers (" I gotta go") in the middle of a heist to the last scene (almost the ending of the first-this time they stay) this is perhaps the best sequel to come along this year (havent seen Shrek as yet). Pure brilliance wise probably, O11 scored over O13 but O13 leaves you asking for more.

Ocean gets his team together (minus the woman-its not their war) because their team member and one of the 11 has been jacked by Banks during the building of a casino. So they do what they do best, look ultra cool and set up all the games on the floor so that the casino loses more money on the opening night than Banks can afford. Simple? yeah, but you gotta bring on the style.

There is a computer that cannot be hacked-Greco, Benedict wants them to steal some diamonds, there is rating needed for the hotel which needs to be fudged an earthquake to be simulated, dice to be manufactured-dice that dance to a lighter and a whole lot of other tricks.

They bribe some, cajole some, keep some out of the scene and when required bring their awesome skills to the plate. Of course virgil decides to run a revolution after too much of Tequila, of course his bro' cant make him change his mind. Benedict wants to play spoil sport too. But that cannot happen right? Our guys are the guys who ensure everything falls into place and they do.

Over the top probably, but the movie has moments of absolute cinematic magic and brings all the characters from the previous movies. You've got Linus and his dad (after his mom last time), the boobs of Ellen Barkin (they occupy more than 50% of screen space in some scenes-good for someone who was born in 1954 according to imdb), Rusty and Ocean rapartee (relationships, oprah and the family one towards the end), the emotional bonding between Basher and Reuben and the host of cinematic references (including Brody's nose-pointed out by Raja Sen in this brilliant review) , and the whole 'revoluation' angle.

The only negative of the movie is Al Pacinos bad bad hair and his lack of flair (not strong enough-even when he says 'I dont lose') . Great movie making!!

Rating: 7.5/10

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