Friday, June 08, 2007

Vidume-How good is this?

Yeah, the choice of the sample does not indicate any vindication of the applicant :D He does appear quite funny though. But the idea of video resume in an age when data can move so fast is in itself compelling. In India Monster is apparently going to launch a video resume. C'mon it could be quite difficult: You need ot look good, sound good and above all the person who has taken the time to view your presentation should feel it was worth the time.

The success of video resume's has come into question (quite quickly I suppose) primarily because it lays emphasis on the resume viewer taking his/her time to view the video. If he is stuck with a bad connection, you are bound to face the consequences. Secondly, the personal experience that is being projected is not so personal after all, because the interaction is minimized (if it becomes interactive or proabably an interview in second life, then you are talking :D ).

I have not used the method (as yet), but would tend to think that the idea of a video resume for all jobs cannot be the question. But for jobs which that need people who are creative, can speak freely to an audience (your video will go around) it can be a good way to showcase those talents. And the good old shock value still holds ( c'mon if you are applying to be a model...a video would help wouldnt it?). If you know there are going to be only a few applicants, why not go that additional step to differentiate yourself? Eventually, the video resume model would probably cater a niche segment, where the viewer and the applicant know what is being sold.

Can you do it?

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