Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Harry Potter-Movie Review

Director: David Yates

The franchise goes to a new director this time and he does a decent job of it. The best part about the potter series is that you don't really need to have read the book or seen the previous parts of the movie. I have been told that this part has hardly been faithful to the book and at a runtime of 138 min is the shortest movie of the whole series. Thats probably the reason that the movie comes across as pretty crisp, tho' the ending is rather abrupt.

The distortions of Harry's mind give an edgy feel to the movie, with all the other characters just filling in the places. Radcliffe is definitely a good character, tho' the hype about the kiss is hardly worth it (the theatre did burst out in applause). Of course by now I have come to love Lord Voldemort, he has a funny face, can disappear at will, spout weird dialogues and gets to wear black.

The sad part is you can expect what the movie would be about. Whatever the name of the movie is, the plot is simple. Harry boy goes through some emotions, there is a sinister plot, someone gets conked off in the end and people are waiting for the next part. Maybe I should redo my post on Harry Potter being shallow. If this is the most important book of the last decade, our level of understanding of complexities must definitely be on the wane. Anyway, to people-as they want.

The sets are pretty well done (the shot of Hogwarts from top was nice) and the cast is chosen as the story demands.. err.. not too demanding. Bring on some pondi next time man.The movies solves its purpose I guess, decent one time watch and it makes more money for the Potter pheonomenon. Amen. But then, I am just a muggle.

Rating: 6/10

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