Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Press 'con'ference

Last weeks press conf in the sporting world:

Rafa Nadal: I think that my opponent is the favorite. Goes on to beat Youzhny, Berdych and Djokovic (conceded) after saying that.

Gasquet(after beating Roddick): It was a pleasure to play a great champion. He is very very good, but I played better today. (on meeting Federer): It will be a honor to play the great champion. I will try and play good tennis.

Federer: After for once agreeing that he expected better from Gasquet in semis, goes on to say sweet things about beating Nadal.

Collingwood (after being 'Gayled'):
q: how did series go.
woody boy: we learnt a lot, its a young team. there are good opportunities
q: who did WI turn it around
woody boy: our boys competed well. we are quite young and learning
q: what were your weaknesses? the batting let you down right?
woody boy: we see a lot of opportunities

These are examples of the quite weird problem of sports persons taking political correctness to the extreme. We are in the PR era, so your usual barrage of Paris going "i felt claustrophobic, i will change" (), Rakhi Sawant having a cute home, everybody liking everybody else, somebody calling Sanjay Leela Bhansali s movies masterpieces, the congress keeping quiet on the Maran fiasco, xyz donating their undies to children in god forsaken Africa et all, we could at least have clarity in sports atleast.

Come on, its ok if someone says "I beat him because I was better today" instead of "he is a great champion, he competes brilliantly, he was very very close to winning". C'mon Fedex you can do better than that. Sport is one field that clearly proves who is better. Unless for exceptional circumstances (injury, boredom) the ranking and performances shows who is better.

Give me Schumi, Armstrong, Bryant any dny man. Modern sport has probably reached very high levels, but public relations still sucks.

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