Monday, February 11, 2008

hr consultants

One of my room mates is a HR consultant (yeah i see the grimace on your face). Oh c'mon, consultants as a breed itself are prone to globe & 'i told you so' syndrome and most HR guys do nothing during the 2 yrs of bschool ( most of us dont btw, but thats beside the point and to good hr guys (mathematical impossibility) you guys are like gods, so you should not take offense) and then are made to change organizational processes to match business needs. Phew!!! Sounds difficult.

With our man RR its almost mind boggling: The rest of us mortals, "hey dude how was your day?"

RR "Dude, did you know that telecom companies use something called spectrum?", 2 of my roomies are telecom engineers

RR: "Hey dude, how does a life insurance sales work". Life insurance sales bd roomie : "Its pretty difficult man, the training & retention of good sales people depends on a strong incentive package and its very competitive" RR, thoughtfully "Yeah man i see what you mean, its like foreign currency vs local currency" (dont even ask me explain that)

RR (to me the banker) : "Dude did you know why the market crashed today?", "no mate, lemme know i could pass on the info usefully" "There is this sub prime thingie in the us, highly credit worthy people were given free loans and they disappeared wiht the money", i almost decided to quit banking that day.

If my man is putting together organizational policy, god help the organization.

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