Monday, February 11, 2008

Travails of a banker out ot lose weight - 1

Yes, 6 months (err could be more than that, it sure atleast must be that much) into my new job and i have that sinking (yeah literally) that i could soon visualize an exponential increase in waistline with no visible sign in contraction.

So my roomie and i (yes, he is of the rule defying variety, jesus would be proud of him not to mention all his flames), 2 south indians decide to join an 'in' gym Euphoria in Juhu. Between the two of us we have set the treadmills alight ( he manages abt half a km a day and me about 1 ) and have gone through a grand total of 13 days and have lost about 4.2 calories.

"Dude, look at that guy, why the fuck does he need to come here?"

"He doesnt have a life man, so he is out to get chicks here" - between a banker and a consultant

"He comes here, thats why he looks like that" - the rational consultant

"You mean we will look like that" - the banker

"Quite possibly" the consultant doing his job

The banker having already sold the idea to himself, at the end of the 3/4th session "dude can you see the outline of the six pack"?

consultant, " sure dude, i even noticed that chick checking you out"

banker "gyming rocks man", consultant - " sure does"

I am the banker, my roomie is the consultant. Between the 2 of us we weigh 180 kgs around and consider ourselves super fit ( yeah we overtook salman on his trip to karjat)

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