Sunday, March 23, 2008

Excel keyboard shortcuts

Finally, completing the stuff i read on chandoo's favorite shortcuts, I use a whole lot of them

1) Ctrl + 1 : format
2) Ctrl + shift + 1: Number with 2 decimals
3) Ctrl+shift+5: convert to %
4) Alt + o, followed by c,w (or alt+o, followed by r,h), column width (row height)
5) Ctrl + spacebar (shift + spacebar) select column (row)
6) Once selected, ctrl+shift+ "plus" (ctrl+ "minus") add (delete) row
7) Alt+e+a+a clear all
8) Ctrl+r, copy right, ctrl+d, copy down
9) Ctrl+down arrow (right arrow), end of series (row).
10) Ctrl+ [ - this is awesome takes you to cells on which your reference cell is dependent. use ctrl+5 to get back.

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