Friday, March 21, 2008

GMR - Hyderabad International Airport

I am going to travel in Air Deccan on the first day of operations of the airport. I am damn apprehensive about the working of the airport.

Along with the practical aspects of reaching the airport and the flight taking off, the generic questions dogging all PPP ventures are broadly the same:

1) Who determines the revenue share? Once the bids have been submitted, should there be regulation of sane/insane bids?
2) Revenue scheme: Should this be clearly mentioned upfront or can the developer keep innovating on schemes of revenue?
3) User development fee: This is the holy grail, its almost circular, the consumer of the service is being provided better quality, so he ought to pay for it right? How much should he pay?

Shall handle each of these queries in a separate post, as for now, to get to mumbai is the key.

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