Saturday, April 29, 2006

tell me your dreams

What exactly are my dreams? to be an immaculate drifter over and above all? to do all the things i want, which essentially means that you never know what to do. The log that is drifting in the water probably never thinks that it has to pass the hurdle to drift some more. In that sense iam not a drifter. But, Iam a drifter in the sense that I rarely get out of my comfort zone. Reading comes naturally to me, so i read everything that I can and in most of the situations i just have to use little bits of the vast amount of information that i just manage to glance through. Actually the reading part too has decreased over a period fo time I guess becuase i have been much more busy imagining stuff. Come to think of it, the imagining part too is restricted to a certain heroic/devilsh image which is probably what i want of myself. Then there are trends which i keep observing and observing some more, like a log which wants ot be swept off by the next current. Is the current the rihgt one, how would i know except in retrospect. Iam I afraid? yes in many ways and of many things. Christ i discovered i am even afraid of water. But again the log whcih will keep at the obstacle to drfit some more. Catch that trend which will allow me to drift some more. What i can do is another question? get out of the comfort zone, ask the unconfortable questions? maybe, but what about the answers. Maybe even more drifting. Let there be light. People do have dreams. The business man is looking for the next opportunity. he dreams of becoming big, of money. The athlete is looking for that one perfect thing which would give him glory. some get many chances some get very few. But it is this chance that keeps most people going. But for most of other people, 99.9 % of the people the everyday life is probably devoid of dreams. It may even turn to resentment over a period of time. A case of what if s and trying to gain pleasure satisfying yourself rather than actually being satisfied. Probably not even thinking about it. Like a cockraoch which will be trampled upon or die its death on its life. Probable. What are my dreams? What the fuck are my dreams?? They are no more than things that i have wanted to do for a short period of time. The next wave for the surfer, ot ride on to have have fun, ot rise and fall. But what are my dreams?? You live because you dream. Thats ironic. Ask everyone whether they have dreams, they do not. They just mask things that these are their dreams. Maybe the people who actually dream die, probable. Probable. That is the only dream that i have lived till now. The probability of hitting the right trend. To find out if i had fun doing things. Actually maybe you dont really need to have fun doing it, you just do it thats all. To have emotions about anything is ascribing too much/too little importance to it. Whats the point in doing it? What are my dreams??

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