Sunday, April 30, 2006

watch out rossi!!

the moto gp brat pack is here and they ahve one message " move over doc". Pedrosa, Melandri, hayden, the aussie ( cant recall his name). Remains to be seen if the doc and his yamaha team respond over the course of the next few seasons. weak bike, but the doc is one guy who can and will respond.

me in vague phase of counselling people. i ma the best man to do it i guess because for good thing or bad i just think and do very little on the ground.

appa once again keeps proving that it is beyond the capacity of cyncial beings to understand why parents love their children so much. that shall remain another of mysteries i never will be able ot crack

satyarayana got killed. he took a risk and it did not pay off. thats all i see to it, taliban is hostile. people know it. to expect it to be a bed of roses is funny and sad at the same time. are we actually so attached ot our loved ones that we may not be able ot handle their pain? why iam i so cynical.

real needs a lot of new players and so does manu. real will win next year, they always bounce back. enough of the stars tho, get the players

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