Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ash-Abhi Saga.- Flimi Chakkar

Random sequence of news events on a daily day:

India just launched Agni -3, we just found out ash is going to wear embroidered undies, Pak takes notice of Rahul bravado, fartometer to be installed at wedding, sachin cried ( don't know for what reason), there was large scale arson and shooting between two communities ( must be happening somewhere), z+ security at wedding, you will not be allowed to take a leak even ( dogs allowed exceptions), Ash designer 'inadvertently' gives out info about the wedding dress, U.P has lot of crime (oh, we cant give people such news), Mehndi would be at this muhurt and so and so deities would be appeased, somewhere... Ash-Abhi wedding is a symbol of national unity, a marriage across regions with people from all communities attending, such marriages will contribute to world peace, what if it rains on the wedding day... how many celebrities would be drenched, what would be loss to the fashion world? Shiv Sena.. Bachan should disown Aishwarya to set an example, only 2 affairs/woman to be allowed, Abhi is number 3-unfair to the aam admi, Mayawati...'ye shaadi manuvad ka pratibimb hai, bahujan samaj ko ladna chahiye', and lo! they start fighting amongst themselves, Shilpa Shetty 'It was his culture', late night show... "i think it was just an attempt by shilpa to steal the thunder from the wedding", Starnews...The savior of people in love....this was all tidbits .. now for the crescendo

fan offers to go on foot to mansaraover (yeah that's me ) if the wedding goes right- tv coverage, some bull shit was seen on the road in 'AA' formation in U.P (yeah somewhere Rahul was campaigning), now seen as diving blessing of the new couple, Indian women are equal to women now, who will undress whom first? Salmon khan put under house arrest, sangeet muhurt, colour of masts in wedding house, colour of the 4 tile from the left corner wall of the third room in the basement, shoes, chains, strand of wedding hair to be auctioned at $10000, watches, sweets, pandit-filmi or non-filmi?, ash has learnt Harvanshji poems too apparently...and so on and so forth.....

My country, right or wrong.

Special Mention for all the actual info on the post: Suchitra W L

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