Monday, April 23, 2007

Movie Review: Perfect Stranger

Cast: Bruce Willis (Harrison Hill-whats he doing in this movie?), Halle Berry (Rowina), Giovanni Ribisi (Miles)

Direction: James Foley

Absolute crap!!! The only redeeming quality is the last 10 min of the movie. Ok the lighting effects to show the eye imagery is pretty good and a dark mood is kept up throughout.

Rowina bumps into one of her friends after she is stopped from being a true media journalist and her editor runs out on her. Her friend gives her the info that a famous ad-guru (Harrison Hill) is online sexual predator and wants Rowina to help in exposing him. Promptly the friend is found dead and Rowina decides that Harrison Hill must be the killer and goes all out to prove so. Her help in all this is the perverted Miles who is love with her. Done right, this should turn out decent, right? Far from it.

The director does not have any sort of control on the pace of the movie. The exceptionally weak dialogues and screenplay make you wonder the point of spending any money on this venture. Chat text reads, “Are you turned on?” and stuff. Ribisi can actually hack through anything and he makes Rowina, Hill’s temp worker just like that. He can get files, account numbers and all that jazz. No acting so to speak in the movie. The best scene is probably when Berry uses perfume between the legs. At least more of the same would have ensured some value for money. Instead, you do have some ‘submission’ scenes to throw in some more weird angles to a non-existent plot.

Harrison Hill cant sleep around because his wife will find out and then take away his wealth. Willis might just as well do Die Hard 10. Halle Berry is going down exponentially from monster’s ball. The theme of movie “you just can’t bury someone from the past and forget about it”

I shall try.

Rating: 3/10

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