Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Web 2.0: India Snapshot-Take 1

Did read a lot about this sometime back. Will try and put in interesting stuff.

First the masala-Social Networking:
1) Minglebox: Arguably the best content right now. The team seems to have focus and innovation is there.
2) My previous fav's Yaari and Jhoom (music oriented social networking-great concept) are not in the news. Maybe iam missing something there.
3) The all time favorite orkut: Other than adding some video capability, Google has not really come up with anything. Weird tho', they can actually set of a successful business model if ever that was possible with the Indian orkut community.

The key for social networking at this level is getting the teen crowd in. You need more women coming in to get in the guys. And then the repeat usage is purely on the interface and the content you are able to create. The content is something that is difficult to see happening in India because of bandwidth problems. But my friend with a telecom company assures me that the once the underlying cables have been laid, broadband will come cheap and speeds would be high.

The professional versions:
1) Rediff Connexions: Very simple to use. Again another company which has not really taken the 2.0 space by storm surprisingly. They come in with the concepts that are too late for the market (rediff bol). Somebody should tell them to think ahead not backwards. Strategy!!!!!
2) TechTribe: The desi version of LinkedIn. How many VCs there is not something that Iam aware off. Hopefully one day some biz plan of mine shall be funded there. The site is quite user friendly but the topics being debated seem pretty arbitrary.

Other desi versions of concepts that ought to be there (or are already there)
1) you tube (something that easily allows mobile uploads)
2) : Smaller businesses in India have yet to take to life on the net and their requirements could be as simple as setting up a website
3) hot or not(I hear RSS banging on my doors)
4) GigaOm: Common Om Malik, you can support and Indian Version somewhere. Sooner or later most of your audience would be based here.
5) motley fool

Nice thing I wrote this, interesting to look at stuff this way.

And consolidation required in-
1) All the netflix clones. You just cannot provide cheap access without scale and right now just cannibalization are there
2) the job sites: all of them fight on weird parameters like resume views, number of resumes etc. what are they really targeting?
3) Matrimonial: Aren't there 1 million marriage sites? Yeah one dedicated to my dear friend Venkat too? No way so many people could make money unless they add an off the net dimension to it.

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