Sunday, October 28, 2007

Perils of being s celebrity

To be or not to be a celebrity? Chiranjeevi must be cursing his luck with his family. Its been a roller coaster for him after the wide spread acclaim that his son's first movie has received. He must have been thinking, "Life's fucking good". Tho' his reverie has been short lived with the publicity that his daughter has received, he hopefully will get out of this stronger. (Yeah that one's from a fan)

His daughter must of have seen enough of his movies to take up the "Challenge" against the "Master" to show everyone who was "Gang Leader". Of course Chiru has been left thinking "Alluda Mazaka"

In the era of TV scrutiny, probably any love story would have gotten its time on the channels, but the way the issue was tossed up across media left a poor taste in the mouth. I dont know (IDK) and I dont care (IDC) about what happened in the Chiranjeevi family, but a father having to apologize to his daughter publicly just for being a celebrity is some thing that I can live without. Chiranjeevi has to maintain his image, he is the king of Telugu Cinema. If he were to to been allowing the girl her choice, he would have be railed as leading youngsters astray (the end consequence of the actual couple's life would be irrelevant). Its got to be understood that Chiranjeevi would be a political force to reckon with if he were to join politics.
And now that he has not given a free reign to his daughter, he is still railed as being not supportive of individuality. (I am of course assuming that the death threat issue is just that an issue, but a theoretical one. If there is proof of a death threat he should be put in jail shouldnt he?).

So the end result, Chiru knows he is damned if he did and would be damned if he dint. So he dint allow the alliance, and cut a sorry figure. So much for the king of the masses.


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