Sunday, October 14, 2007

Religion - Part 2, is God needed?

God probably is a concept that has run its time. There are tremendous amounts of complex interactions that take place in nature and we are even after spectacular successes, far away from complete understanding it all. But we definitely are well on our way to nullify many of the superstitions that have evolved over centuries. But is now the time to get over the ultimate superstition? The concept of God ( one who sits under the tree types)?

Practically speaking, God has served a useful purpose in the advancement of civilization ( but as i usually say, we can never vouch that we are better off being civilized ), a concept of a God who will punish you in your after life provides a sort of stability mechanism which stops the society from going into chaos (again dunno, whether that would be good or bad). But purely on a practical basis, the reward/punishment of religion's god has probably run its course. Why, because we simply have too much information that cannot be ignored and hence force us to live in a social environment, with clear understanding (hopefully based on choice) of our roles.

But what about a spiritual basis? That life could have a higher purpose and a belief in God would deliver you to the purpose? What about all the saints in the Hindu fold ? Probably they realized that human life is just a link the chain and there is supposed to be no higher purpose than that. Once when you have realized it, you probably attain peace and nirvana and that happiness is the consciousness that everyone ought to reach. But this process can be put in the frame of the individual rather than tying it up in a group environment considering a religious basis.

Religion still probably is the greatest tool in the process of mass hypnotization, but if you collectively deny the use of a under the tree god you possibly reduce the need for religion.

Yeah yeah, i hear you laughing.

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