Sunday, October 28, 2007

Service levels fall in mumbai restaurants

Case 1: Out of the blue, we place an order for a dish, it promptly gets forgotten. Desserts orders are taken when the stocks don't exist and worse the bill is overstated in spite of getting it changed twice.

Case 2: Masala Mantar: There seem to be a lot of waiters around, but the drinks and the snacks take an eternity to come. Desserts are out long before the orders are placed. (Waiters dont bother to check before the orders are placed).

These are just two of the instances over the past 6 months in Mumbai. I am not a stickler for service, as long as the basic hings are in order. Most of the waiters are just taught to be polite, which they are, but wtf is the use of the politeness if it does not solve the end result?

The standard stuff?
1) Confirm from the chef what is available before giving the menu to the customer
2) Confirm the full order once it has been placed. I can still understand if there is some communication problem, but you certainly cant miss dishes totally)
3) Change the menu cards atleast once in 2-3 months, its wierd that you see a mangled dirty menu card for months
4) The communication training to the employees should be to ensure that the customers needs are looked after. Its ok, if you tell the customer something is not available at the first instant (even though some customers can go crazy at this).
5) Understand that the customer's time is paramount, the value not only comes form the good food but also providing a great package for the time spent
6) Overstating a bill? Thats almost a joke, you hardly would make a grand a bill, and is hardly worth the reputation loss it would cause.

Polite is good, but not good enough, especially when you consider the 1500/head that most of the restaurants end up costing :D

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