Monday, May 08, 2006


It is important to understand that Democracy as a system of governance has its own system of flaws. It is in a way a kind of free market where in the the public chooses who will be their best representative. As with any such choice, people tend to use their biases and thier mesurements of gain/loss to determine who suits them best. That the average voter in many cases does not have too many options is one side of the coin, but in general he is guided by short term gains over long term good. Why this becomes particularly intriguing is the fact that most of the democracies of the world are slowly degenerating into dying societies. The US, UK, France, Germany etc represent what can inherently go wrong with democracy. The problem is compounded by the fact taht very few people actually know what they want from their governments and if their wants are satisfied, are they going ot give a free rein ot the govt's?? Most govt 's in a multiparty system hadrly represent the entire population and it serves them to maintian a divisive agenda so that they beocme stronger among their vote base rather than popular as a whole. What is the solution? A stronger judiciary for one could help in setting public standards and the media could play the role of a watchdog easily.

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