Wednesday, May 10, 2006


For most of my thinking (err.. rather the attempt at it) and my voracious reading I believe I have come to certain conclusions:

1)As the reverend would put it, you make a continuous set of choices in life. For most people the easy choices is good enough because that gives them a certain kind of happiness. The difficult choices would lead to a differnt kind of laugh, a life which Iam certain would be far more fun that just accepting the first thing that is available.

2) The future is already there. You are just unravelling pieces of it using the clues that are available. The future does not change whatever you do at present, but since you dont know what it holds you might as well have fun. Time as units cannot be destroyed or created, so the future is a also a part of time.

3) The frame of reference determines an individual's understanding of good, bad, right, wrong etc. Remove this frame and a man is truly rudderless. The rudder probably is a set of principles which define an individual s character.

4) There is no true live and let live policy. Every choice you make is detrimental to another being in someway or the other. So find a cause and fight for it. To each is own but collectively?

5) The Dutch shall win the world cup :D

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