Sunday, May 14, 2006

Steven Gerrard

God gave him the shots is all I can say. Brilliant skills, grit, leadership and a human side endear this 25 yr old ( not sure abt his age) to fans all over the world. Been watching him from a long time and I am pretty sure that if england has to anything at this world cup gerrard better see lots of the ball. The thing about him is that as a player he can be pure inspiration and from the tiem he has been given the captainyc ( form the insipid hyppia) he has shouldered the team. I often joke abt liverpool being relegated if gerrard does nt play. But his growth has been extraordinary. He has always had the talent( thats why everybody wants him), pace scoring ability ( not gr8 dribbling tho'). But he was prone to go into listless play, awful tackles and injuries. But Rafa seems ot have energized him. Gerrard always wanted trophies and realized that the best way to get them is to do eveyrthing himself. Istanbul and Cardiff are the prime examples. He will be there and be counted. Beginning to like him like all those sporting greats who deliver when things are down. He has had his bad moments too. Many red cards and tantrums about wanting to leave liverpool. I hope he stays fit till the world cup or the world shall miss a great player. Svne would do a gr8 thing by putting in a holding midfielder and allowing steven gerrard to do what he wants. Then we shall have fun.

Three cheers to gerrard

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