Sunday, May 14, 2006

V for Vendetta

Managed to watch this movie after trying( mentally albeit) for a long time. It was worth the watch even if I paid 180 bucks at IMAX. This was my first visit to the theatre which has caught the imagination of the hyd public. A theatre cum shopping mall concept the place is choc a hoop with people, most of whom dont know what better to with their hard earned money and free time. The movie was recommeded by Ramanan and has the wachowski brothers(matrix) in its credits? does it deliver? boy o boy it does.

Opening with the lines "Remember Remember the 5th of November", the film is essentially a adaption of the concept that ideas do not die and it just takes an idea to change an existing social system. Somewhere in the future, US is ravaged by civil war and Britain is ruled by strong willed leaders who will go any lenght ot protect their power. In a big brotheresque situation filled with the usual control of state media, propaganda and a cynical populace, enter V. A man wearing a mask who has a message for the people to wake up through the symbolic destruction of monuments. The introduction is absolutely mesmerizing with v ( i later found it s that guy hugo weaving ) delivering mouthfuls of words that started wiht v to a stunningly beautiful natalie portman. Through the sequences in which V tries to spread his message the lives of evi ( portman) and V get linked inextricably. The villianish govt headed by Sutton ( i hope i got hte name right) and his team is out ot stop v. V is a creation of a project to create a weapon of biological warfare is is out to avenge what was done to him. He helps portman overcome her fear and delivers the nation. The movie has brilliant cinematic movements and stupid fight sequences too that kept me enthralled. The mask is not removed ( its symbolic too) and its difficult ot kill an idea tho' v dies.
4* for the movie.

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