Wednesday, January 17, 2007

African American President?

Barack Obama, the young democrat upstart has announced his intentions to look at running for presidency in 2008. He says he shall take the final decision on Feb 10 after extensive analysis and consultation. Known for his anti-war stance, he is a 2nd year senator and the youngest of all the candidates. He is close to Hillary Clinton and could go face to face with her if he were to announce his candidature. He has been calling for a new kind of politics and a fresh look at issues w.r.t America's global position.

What is interesting is the American acceptance of Obama as President. The conservative white voter would be strongly against him, but if he is elected it could represent a marked shift of image of America. An African-American at the helm now is probably what is the best thing for them. He will be seen as some who can inspire the black population and would probably be trusted more by leaders around the world. Though the other African American Condi Rice has had a notoriously hawkish stance on issues, the leader of a nation is some thing different. He could end up trying that bit too hard tho'.

Martin Luther might still smile in his grave. If not in 2008 hopefully in the coming decade.

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