Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gilbert Arenas-M.V.P

It might be a long shot, but the way Arenas is going this season he might be the one man who can beat Steve Nash's alround dominance. Kobe's huge season last year did not win him the M.V.P (which i think he probably deserved), but Arenas is different or rather he is perceived as different. He is a leader on the field and a great blogger off the field. He is actually one of the new faces of the NBA with probably Dwayne Wade and Lebron James(of course Anthony has a disciplinary problem now). He averages 29.7 uptil now with 3 50+ games and that can only improve from now on. More importantly his team looks upto him in all crunch situation and they do not have a problem with him taking the fame. He can hit clutch shots ( as he did again with the 3 pointer over the Jzz) and he makes a difference to the Wizards line up. Maybe his time is this year, but given his attitude and confidence you can be rest assured that his time will definitely come very soon.

Of course till then the wizards fan can always cheer "M.V.P", the fans need to believe that they have a champion player among them. I have not yet watched Arenas play. I have been reading his plays on the net and the guy does not like losing(nobody does, but there is something different). And loads of attitude. "I felt the ball go in" "Pre-shot celebrations" and the like are his trademarks. Go Gilbert Go.

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