Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dhoom 2

Dhoom 2-eye candy.

The plot: A(Roshan) is a master thief who wants to leave his footprints all over the world by carrying out dare devil-minutely planned-and oh so cool type robberies. The task of matching wits with this bloke falls to ACP of police Jai (AB Jr) and his bumbling sidekick Ali(chopra). Along the way Roshan falls for live-the-moment aspiring genius thief Sunehri and Ali gets to say all sorts of things to different versions ( there are twins) of Bipasha("you want to make baby?" for example-he does manage to pull up some witty one liners tho) . There are enough twists and turns and emotions to keep the reels going and the movie ends wiht the indications of Dhoom 3 (SRK as villian ) coming along.

You have to watch the movie for one reason. Roshan, is just stunning. Dancing, scheming, biking, roller skating, playing mind games..the man is cool ( why not him as James Bond), except he doesnt emote well. Aish as Sunehri is good in parts ( why dint anyone think of her in bikinis grooving ot party music before? ) But she does look old. They form a great pair.

Bipasha does what she is good at, flaunt those curves for Chopra(and the rest of us) to gawk at. Some of the stunts are well choreographed and the editing is pretty slick. If this is what mindless movies are all about, we wouldnt mind more

Rating: 7/10

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