Monday, January 29, 2007

Tricks to derail Fed-ex

Who or what will stop roger federer? he is actually an alien masquerading as a tennis player. It is a deception of monstrous proportion, made to decrease the morale of normal human tennis players who make a mistake or two. You should look at the evil gleam in his eyes as he plays those amazing shots, the devil is creating an empire. The food he consumes is an alien vitamin, how does he not tire after the game? I tell you, its an alien. So, how do we defeat him:

1) Get him ot play will smith, that will zap him ( with help from tommy lee)
2) Get him to play serena williams. she will show him the daylights.. err in tennis only please
3) shilpa shetty??? those long racially abused legs could hold a surprise or two
4) bush: he would start speaking, confuse and confound fed and win
5) dharam paaji: those blood curling screams from paaji "kameene mein there khoon...." will scare the shit out of any alien
6) last but not the least: our own Rajni, he hits the ball once, it s been hit hundred times.

but best strategy, get him coached by greg chappell.

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