Saturday, January 20, 2007

The art of 'jhol'

'Jhol' it sounds like a drinkable, but given the fact that i am callin it an art you might be thinking it is a dance form. Well err. .. maybe it is . But essentially 'Jhol" refers to the Gujju clans' ability to resort to extra-legal means to solve all problems. This could include simple things like tax evasion and comples things..again tax evasion. Also, getting around licenses, bribes for open get the idea... basically any sort of ghapla.

The best part about jhol is that everybody does it and it increases munafa by giving you more taka :). So if everybody must be doing it and it has tangible benefits, then it must be right. That s the logic generations after generations of Gujju's are brought up on. They will not have any qualms to break or bend any rule as long as the munafa is clearly seen. It did come as a surprise for the us poor souls to understand what exactly was going on. To learn how to do it is another matter.

The ability to do jhol is probably what the differentiator is after the choice of a good biz proposition. After all as guru would say, its abt munafa

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