Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The decade of 2000-2009

I came across a blogpost (The Decades To Be Forgotten) pointing out that whereas we had 1920' s to 1990' there is no such term for the decades beginning now. It is so very true that we couldnt possible call all the decades as 2000's.

Attempts are being made. BBC has adopted the word 'noughties' (maybe knotty ies or naughties? ) . Acceptance of trends does not take a long time. The word 'metrosexual' made its appearance in record time. It takes a marketing guy to frame a word that describes a new trend or product. We are yet to get over the 1900's (c'mon it was the end of the century or the millenium even) and most of our events are backdating now.

But as the new generations come of age in this era you shall get the names that go with it. For example it was not as if the entire world populace of 60's was 'swinging' its jsut a term attributed to a group which became generic. In the same way we have the best of 4 yrs to adopt a name for this decade and I hope the name shall be found.

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