Thursday, January 18, 2007

Love your work

I have had this running discussion about the need to work with suchi, pradosh and now my bro. Suchi is the category that says thinks that work is the very important part of life and the balance is in doing everything you want to do with 'work' as a fulcrum. Dude and me would rather pursue arbit stuff (the simple question for me is: if someone leaves me a lot of money would i work with money as the end? No) . Of course getting paid for what you love to do is probably the best thing to happen.

My bro's logic is pretty good tho': Feeding oneself is a natural process (think mother's womb), for food you need to work. Zimple. If you love your work, even better that ways.

Actually, the logic for work is pretty difficult to beat. If you believe in God, whatever religion you follow, you must work. If you dont, you really do not have any basis of living other than enjoying this life. So work hard to earn money to live life to the max or to leave a mark in the annals of history. Of course you have all these phenomenally motivated individuals, from the guy who delivers your paper daily at the same time to business barons who take the concept of work to the next level. The really rich, their motivations to work is something that should be taken note of. Their need is probably higher than the instinct of survival.

But how come most people are lazy in some spheres? Is it laziness choice or is it part of the natural order too? Or are people looking for the one thing which will always push them to do more? In the final analysis, it becomes motivation. Motivation is what differentiates people, it makes people slog their asses off. It is what makes Fedex want to win repeatedly or a Rossi to risk his life. The best part of that is the fact the motivations of different people is different. Can people be motivated externally? I dont think so, the click should come from between. A good proportion of the population just lives but the group of people who are motivated make all the difference.

But I can hear a comrade already laughin his ass off: Yes, mate, motivation is everything. But can you tell me, what should I be motivated to achieve? And I see myself going: Money, fame, happiness, mental satisfaction, world peace :) , moksha even.....this that hmm the hell does it gotta be motivated..thats how it works...I dont know :)

You can convince someone that there is something that matters, but in your heart you dont know or even worse, you cannot know.

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