Sunday, January 07, 2007

I see you

Cast: Arjun Rampal, Vipasha (Introduction), Kiron Kher, Chunkey Pandey, Sonali Kulkarni, Sophie Chowdry and Boman Irani

Direction: Vivek Agarwal

Plot: Rampal, is the lead anchor of British Raj, a desi take on events in London. He is your typical flamboyant star who is sure of himself, the life he wants to lead and has woman written all over him. Women interest him, but he does not believe in love or anything further.

One fine day he walks into his house and meets Shivani(Vipasha) who claims she is a spirit of a person lying in coma in a hospital. After the initial shock, he understands and comes to terms with the fact that the woman can only be seen and heard by him. He sees this as a problem that needs a solution. A rapport builds between the two and they explore London through each other’s perspectives. Raj gets involved more and more into Shivani’s life and ends up falling in love. Of course you have the bad element angle of organ trading et all and the film ends beautifully with the spirit going into its body and the recovered Shivani not recognizing Raj at all and the end suggests a beginning again.

I guess Vipasha actually decided that she needs to look like a spirit and refuses to emote. Inspite of a few decent shots, she lacks the charisma to have a presence across the whole movie. London is shown in a simple unobtrusive way and some of the scenes are really done well. The need to talk through the phone, the playfulness of the lead pair give a ‘feel good’ effect.

The music is good in patches. Almost like the pitch of the third test in South Africa. Some very good trance beats and very poor lyrics and really arbitrary tunes. I really don’t know why the Rampal home production would choose a romantic flick for our man. A Dhoom type candy flick would have served the purpose way better. It is very clear though, Rampal for the life of him finds it very difficult to act.

The rest of the cast is simply non-existent or is not required at all. Kiron Kher emotes well as the mother who has to decide whether to keep her daughter alive or to kill her. Boman Irani as a stupid psychologist plays the part. Sonali Kulkarni(what a fall from her DCH days) and Chunkey Pandey(who is the colleague and close friend of Rampal in the movie acts pretty well, showing that the ‘Aankhen’ charm is lurking somewhere) as a garrulous couple are irritating and Sophie as the seductive (why the hell was such a character required?) co-anchor is an eye sore (yes, believe me she is).

All in all, the movie is unobtrusive, and you can watch it if you need to eat some popcorn.

Rating: 5/10

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