Sunday, January 18, 2009

All Govts should give Citi money?

City (aka s****y group) split into two and got lots of money from the US govt. Now only the US govt seems to be having fun printing all those currency (their balance sheet has now expanded by more than a trillion) , the world should follow in their foot steps and pay money to the large US banks.

Of course, our nationalist brigade wont like it if we paid to Bank of America you know ( its not a Global Trust Bank you know) but then Citi is different na. They have local arms who employed a lot of people (citi financial in India et all). If these local arms close it would be catastrophic. I mean even Venezuela wont mind up paying for their erstwhile one-stop shop even if the shop resembled a butcher selling groceries (no offense to the poor butcher).

Actually you know what Goldman is probably pitching to foreign govts. on what can be done to bailout the world. According the some sources, now that Goldman has a veto on all important positions in DC they want global domination. And this whole mars methane has got them all excited, They are selling Greenpeace (or was it peas?) backed securities on the impending colonies in Mars. The theory, if not actual construction we are producing enough manure these days to atleast create a Mars farm. The US govt leads in this manure for its companies, some of it can only go to Mars. The world generally follows the US so we are likely to follow suit in creating a lot manure you see.

We should give these companies money from a global stabilization fund, we do not want to give up the comforts of a gargantuan under-regulated global financial system to leave us without financial engineering can we? What will happen to us mortals?

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