Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Satyam: What does it mean?

Initial feed back seems to be one of disbelief. The money was already siphoned off and what we are now seeing is methods of covering up the tracks. More likely that Raju was trying to save his family over himself. (Madoff inspired).

It transpires that lots of IT analysts always wondered about the quality of the Satyam earnings but always believed that with size and the US listing the underlying problems have evaporated. Funny, no one knows till it happens.

Whatever be the end game, we are at the end of an era. During the bull markets, not only did valuations get bumped up, overall crucial pieces of governance were swept under the carpet. All that is going to change in one single event. Investors are going to require higher levels of compliance before putting money to work and the world is going to look at SEBI s response to protecting global investor wealth. (The SEC is no angel/maybe far far worse , but its easier to point fingers at emerging economies). If we thought sentiments were turning, we just stepped right into October. This happens during bear markets the experienced hands tell me.

In fact, many believe that Satyam should be the first of the India corporate horror stories. This is my first bear market, I just hope that this is an isolated case.

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