Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chart of the day (via bloomberg)

Bloomberg shows the attached chart on performance of banks in which the Govt. has bought in through TARP. They have lost 4 times more than the S&P.

How far will the fed go in its bailout?

Surreal, Dilbertesque.


Jiten said...

this title is misleading machi...
its more like...the S&P 500 financials has lost 4 times d money lost by S&P 500 (its d financial sector which is facing the heat more than nothing to do with govt. funding)

Wally said...

@ Jiten

S&P financial s comprises almost every one who has taken money :D

And thats the fun part, money aint making no difference. going going and its gone.

Somebody made the bonuses.