Thursday, January 29, 2009

National award for Shakeela please

Whats the criterion for selection of the Padma awardees one may ask? It’s a topic that raises questions repeatedly, it is by the way our money that is being spent for the awards. Maybe we should use RTI to find out what exactly goes through.

This year atleast a few blokes must have been easy: you can beat Kazakhs and Cubans as Sushil and Vijender did but that would mean little to the organizers. You need to have a life time full of achievements like that of an Akshay Kumar who s made a khiladi of generations of Indian s and our very own death knell of acting, that 27th wonder of India, Mrs Bachan, not the older one, but Aishwarya. Other notable awardees include the Tamil comdedian Vivek for his outstanding contribution to the mirth in Tam land.

I think in the same breath I propose to give a national award to Shakeela (imdb reference here, and maybe a posthumous reference to Silk Smitha) too, those beauties who have provided to large part of South Indian lands (or maybe South Indian xxxxx after the close sounding Hindi word). In an era where women were not seen in pubs (and hence did not get bashed up), the only (ok not the only) source of entertainment to those masses have been these two breath taking women. The horny southie (it progressed very fast across south of the vindhya s I am told) male s lust was quenched by banging the moth filled chair in some dingy theater (or his own home after all those channels started beaming them later) and more often than not the first introduction of the male to nirvana. For educating thousands, I hereby propose Shakeela name for national awards – lifetime contribution.

The other way to do this is for someone to stand up and say, “we give a damn to what you guys think about who should win awards, we will award them to whoever we please”. Maybe they already did and I did not listen. Too dense to understand about national honours.

PS: No offense to the actors mentioned...i mean Shakeela and Silk Smitha

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good one!