Friday, January 16, 2009

One of those days - why was the Sensex up today?

Even the review of Chandni Chowk was pretty poor, if i was trying to attribute it to people in good spirits.

The days news was dim:

Bank Am bailed out

Jet loss widened (amid calls from mallya to make aviation infrastructure = ROFL)

HCC had a 7.4% dip in profits (too low maybe? optimism)

Everything was green otherwise - was it general buying on dips or was there any news I missed. I remember by boss Sunil asking me, Srickant why did the solar stocks move up yesterday? Over a period of time he seemed to indicate (Sunil was never explicit) that we are looking for possible analysis - and even he seemed to have days in which it just did not make sense.

One of those days maybe?

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