Friday, January 09, 2009

The gults are here

Indian workplace has many cultural undertones that are clearly defined.

Mumbaikar: Cosmo

Ghati: Local populace of a metro

Delhiwala: Pompous, you know dont you :) (if you dint, it typically refers to the one who knows the value of everything but the price of none types)

Punjabi: Not Singh is King, but definitely up there - you cant really miss them can you?

Sardarji: Singh is King

Madrasi: The delhiwala classfication to all south indians.

Tam (usually with a bram): 0 or 1 types. Sambhar/curd rice loving freaks and usually the butt of a lot of jokes (and possibly huge rice driven butt/bellies too)

Mallus: Em,vo yet another vo, yen. Brilliant, creative you need them - even if their fantasy does not go beyond Shakeela

Then there are the Gujju s: Now we are talking, Gujju s are a class apart, the rest of them talk and make fun of the Gujjus - at their tastes, clothes,food, group sex (groupism), their petty politics, their garishness etc - while marveling at their spectacular sense of numbers. You need their competence and they dont mind being mocked. Usually not :D

Now here come the gults to give competition: I never know the gult stereotype existed other than in IT, they mostly go abroad and save money. Turns out that its a strong stereo type, apparently other than Gujju s the only community to have effectively done fraud are the Gults. Satyam takes the crowning glory, now we have competition to the Ketan Parekhs and the Harshad Mehta s.

Stereotypes themselves are such a pity, that this episode had to cast a gult stereotype is extremely sad.

Dont think that a gult stereotype has set in? Look at the Hyderabad based company stocks for the last 2 days. Raju saab, kya kiya aapne?

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Nirmal said...

yo.. you left out the great... the-drop of-a-hat-discuss-Ray, have an opinion on everything that can be vaguely categorised as "art", completely tactless... Bong :D .. he he.. you know why bongs are top of my mind these days :D