Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ronaldo is world player of the year & Hayden retires

It some how does not feel great to have Ronaldo as the World Player of the Year or to consider Hayden amongst the all time greats. Ronaldo is supremely gifted - athletic, can score and can be inspirational (after being criticized for failing on the big stage his performance in the Champions League final was stupendous). He is also eminently marketable.

Hayden changed the way opening batting was looked at. He was to tests what Jayasuriya was to ODI s. Together with Langer he formed one of the most formidable opening partnerships in tests. His broad shoulders, authoritative posture and his drive have tormented a lot of teams (not the least India). He was bully on the field, thankfully except for a bit of his comments on India, you did not hear a lot about his off field exploits. A fighter to the core he can truly be called the comeback king.

But there is something lacking in sportsmen like these two. In my part of the country, they would have said "woh baat nahi hai". Something is missing. Sport is more often a celebration of the individuals ability to rise above the ordinary than about talent. That celebration is surely missing among them.

Gimme Figo or Jayasuriya anyday.

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