Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cult of Hero Worship: Steve Jobs an Alien?

For a guy who left a company and came back later as a professional Steve Jobs is as close as you can get to a "Promoter" (a uniquely Indian animal) in the US. Jobs is the man, be it giving the employees a piece of his legendary mind (thats how they make those products - my roommate says it give our energy vibes) or coming up with "one final thing" at the mac worlds and goading an almost dying tribe of American designers into out gunning (or out designing) the rest of the world for producing those definition of cool gadgets.

With the 5 month break, Jobs has now confirmed what was always our lingering thought, he is an ALIEN. Yes ALIEN, you read that right. Most people know its true, its reflecting in the stock price, everyone s been dumping the stock in-spite of near domination of every possible market segment.

Jobs was actually being laid low by a stone from China, the stone was procured by a secret space probe (Jobs was stronger than superman & superwoman put together). He has gone to speak to the ghost of Marlon Brando (or one of the saints from India who act as medium s .... dont believe me, jobs spent six months back packing in India no less) on how to recover.

The world awaits with bated breath on what will happen to this American Treasure.... Rajni is getting the Sanjeevni to save him.

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