Friday, January 02, 2009

The Lost Generation

I can imagine a conversation about the people born between 1980 -1985 taking among the later generations. The answer to the the then search engines about famous personalities, achievements is likely to result in a "404 error". Did they exist, would be the back question, I don't know if its India or if it is the same with the whole world. A bit confusing? I just think that the generation born between 1980-1985, i.e. people of my age group in 2009, are caught in a time warp. Each and every field has sort of hit a saturation limit and there is nothing path breaking to do.

Astronomy: No major discoveries or explanations.

Physics: Nothing path-breaking has happened in the last 10 years

Mathematics: I dont know, but considering the dwindling interest levels among the general population, maybe there is nothing interesting to work on.

Politics: Young achiever s anyone?

Finance/Economics: Almost all the products/technologies are products of the great wall street churn of 1980 s. Even behavioral economics is pretty old. Most of finance is a development on EMH

Sport: Fed ex, Bolt, Phelps have taken what is possible to another level. Barring James nothing Jordanesque in Basketball, no Maradona in football (messi would come close despite his name), cricket - more physical. Most sporting events are about being physical now.

Entertainment: Other than looking at our own stupid selves through reality shows is there some thing new?

I maybe generalizing about most of the above or about our generation as well, but is the broader theme of having hit an information plateau hold? Is all incremental information useless considering that collectively its very easy to retrieve any piece of information?

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